Your job is complicated enough and your team works hard ever day. It's time to make it a little easier with Toppan Merrill.

Your job is complicated enough and your team works hard every day. It's time to make it a little easier with Toppan Merrill.

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"We were able to quickly and easily add nearly one million members to our network without risking compliance of our member communications. Toppan Merrill was quickly engaged in identifying and documenting state requirements and was able to easily execute on Welcome Kits, ID cards and more without jeopardizing the rest of the work in house."

- VP of Marketing Operations

Nobody makes it easier to tackle the tough stuff better.

If You're Dealing with...

Struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing CMS and state regulations and how it affects your communications.

Spending time in the endless threads and missing files.

Execution taking more time and energy than it should.

No Insight into activities and costs.

Distributing communications through multiple systems with no centralized data to drive personalization.

Repetitive, manual tasks that increase and slow speed to market.

We'll Help You...

  • Stay abreast on current and future regulations and how it will affect your plan.
  • Streamline processes to improve project management and collaboration.
  • Provide one central hub for collaboration and content management for access anytime, anywhere.
  • Track member spend by state, line of business, usage, and have access to audit ready reporting.
  • Implement a single source of truth including data consolidation to produce personalized digital and print communications.
  • Automate your teams workflow so they can focus on real impact and innovation.

An Expert Enabled Solution
for All Your Communication Needs


Simple Technology

A single-source of truth that you don't have to learn and manage (that's where we come in).


Expert Team

Our expert team stays up-to-date on the latest regulations and in the trenches to support you.


End-to-end Solution

Everything you need to create, manage, produce, and distribute all of your communications

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Here's how we've helped a large regional plan save time, improve accuracy, and save millions.


Over the past several years, the health plan has doubled its membership and expanded into several states. With this exponential growth the plan found itself facing challenges creating and distributing member communications. Reliance on legacy systems and processes led to a lack of transparency into costs and increased audit and compliance risks.


At that time the biggest concern of the health plan included compliance risk and cost control. Each state functioned as separate businesses and didn’t capitalize on best practices and process efficiencies. On top of the compliance and cost concerns, it was important that the health plan partnered with a vendor that understood the health insurance market and the importance of their members and the member experience. They wanted to ensure their members would not be impacted by any changes made internally.


Toppan Merrill’s professional service team quickly engaged with the plan to document their business rules and the unique needs and requirements for each of their 11 state Medicaid plans as well as creation of a consolidated data grid which was generated from a variety of disparate data sources. This consolidated data drives many of the health plan’s programs and personalization as well as makes it easy to accommodate CMS content changes or additional business rules.

Connect was implemented to accommodate welcome kits and synthetic ID cards, health and wellness mailings, 400+ various letter mailings including PCP and PCP termination letters as well as corporate marketing materials and promotional items for outreach programs.

As part of the integrated workflow the health plan is able to receive robust reporting at the member level for all of its member communications. This gives the plan access to member spend by state, line of business and category. This also enables audit-ready reporting for compliance as well as the ability to look holistically across the organization to pinpoint where cost control measures may be needed.


Over the course of a year, Toppan Merrill completed 24 program implementations across five lines of business and 11 Medicaid health plans utilizing Connect. The health plan quickly realized efficiencies and cost savings throughout the company in excess of $5 million dollars. They were also able to quickly and easily add nearly one million members to their network without risking compliance of our member communications.

All your communication needs for every step of the process.




Extend your team with our on-staff experts who streamline process workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, manage deadlines and mitigate risk.



Simplify document creation by integrating benefit information to personalize content while adapting to changing regulations.




Access your documents whether print or digital in a central location for collaboration, proofing approval and archiving.



A central place for all your 508 remediation, translations, electronic, print & fulfillment needs.




You’ll simply approve content and recipient data and we’ll get it to your members, whether to their mailbox or inbox.

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